We have always considered workplace design CGIs our bread and butter. Our team of talented PMs from the workplace design world on the team have delivered well over 1,000 images for workplace design projects. Explore some of our work below.


To help keep quotes simple and to provide transparency from the outset, we’ve split all our interior CGIs into the following price brackets

Tier 1

Small sized spaces (WCs, small meeting rooms etc)


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Tier 2

Medium sized spaces (meeting rooms, tea points, breakout areas etc)


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Tier 3

Small open plan spaces / medium complexity scenes


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Tier 4

Large open plan spaces / high complexity scenes


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Price Comparison

In order to gain a better understanding of the sort of prices we should be offering our workplace clients we have undertaken a competitor analysis, the results of which can be seen below:

Quote amount (£)

(We`ll be happy to provide the names and details of all quotes received in this study, please ask if interested)

Who we asked

We reached out to 9 workplace / office fit out visualisation agencies asking for a quote and approximate timescale for a project we’d already completed (a typical office fit out consisting of 4 visualisations).

How we asked

In exactly the same way we carried out our main pricing study. We collaborated with an architectural agency and, together, reached out to the UK’s leading workplace visualisation companies, taking special note of not only pricing but also speed of quote return, resource availability and image quality.


A small handful of some of the hugely talented office fit out / workplace clients we work with.

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