Terms & Conditions


  • By instructing work to begin you are accepting these terms of business
  • Invoice to be issued within 1 week of project completion. Payment in full required within 14 days of invoice issue
  • 12 hours to be allowed for final renders – any final changes requested within this timeframe may jeapordise delivery within originally agreed time frame.
  • We will require you to supply us with all information, data and feedback requested in our quotation within agreed timescales.
  • Performance of our services will rely on prompt communication and feedback.
    Any delays in response may impact on agreed delivery timescale
  • Resolution to be agreed with client before project commences. Higher resolution images may incur surcharge
  • Images are not verifiable
  • All prices exclude VAT (applicable to UK customers only)
  • ‘Confidential Information’ is defined as information which is designated in writing as being confidential. Both parties shall take reasonable steps to protect Confidential Information against unauthorised disclosure. This obligation will start from initial engagement and continue for a period of 5(five) years after completion of the services
  • Neither party will be required to treat information as confidential when it:
    • is already in either party’s possession; 
    • is in or comes into the public domain;
    • is independently developed by either party; or 
    • is lawfully obtained from third parties without restriction on disclosure.
  • Image quality is ultimately subjective; we always try to maintain the same high standard of image quality, however cannot guarantee to match any image quality. By appointing us as visualisers you are accepting our best efforts in this endeavor
  • If you request work to be stopped, you will be required to pay for the proportion of the work completed to date
  • Within reason, we do not charge for 3D people, however if large amounts of 3D people are required in a particular scene then we reserve the right to charge additionally for the work required in finding, texturing and positioning them.
  • 2D people (photoshopped) are charged at £15 per person.


  • Our quotation assumes the supplied design has been finalised, therefore we will quote for any design changes in addition
  • Quotes are valid for up to 30 days
  • Quotes include up to 20% of time initially allocated for project for revisions. Client to be informed when budgeted 20% time reached. Changes following this point charged hourly or re-quoted, depending on how client would prefer to work.

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