A lot of clients we work with are unfamiliar with exactly what the delivery of a CGI project entails. We’ve pulled together a high level overview of the processes involved to better explain in more detail.

What do we need?

The short answer is: whatever you’re able to send us!

We understand that each company is unique in workflow and the importance of being adaptable. Be it a simple sketch or a complete set of CAD drawings, our team of lead designers are well positioned to work with as little or as much design guidance as you’re able to get to us.

What makes us happy?

We often get asked what information we need to be able to deliver a project. To the right you’ll find a table of the easiest design information formats that we like to work with.



Sketchup Models


3Ds Max/Revit Models


Furniture/Finishes Info


Cad Drawings


How long do things take?

Wondering how long things take? The below is an approximate breakdown for a typical visualisation project, giving a rough indication of how much time we spend on each stage of image production.

Image Sharing

For every project we deliver a Miro board will be set up to allow you to review images, add comments and keep on top of progress with ease. Whilst this is an incredibly effective and collaboartive way of sharing images we appreciate it’s not for everyone – if you’d prefer to send us feedback in your own way, no problem at all.



Screenshots produced for approval of geometry and camera angle


Draft Res

Draft resolution renders produced for review of finishes and lighting


Full Res

Full resolution renders (4k as standard) produced only when you have no further comments

Design Led Visualisation

We’re 4K, and we collaborate with some of the UK’s leading architecture and interior design firms to improve not only the quality but the efficiency of producing photo realistic content tailored to their exact requirements.

What makes us unique? We’re designers ourselves; we know first-hand the type of challenges faced when working with visualisation companies and have set out to alleviate them from the bottom up.


A lot of CGI companies will limit revisions to 1 or 2 per image, putting unnecessary pressure on both artist and client. We prefer to use the 20% rule; an additional 20% of time allocated to a project is set aside for design alterations. If 100 hours are set aside for a project, then an extra 20 are included in the price for ensuring you’re completely happy with everything before we process final renders.

Visualisation Process


+20% revisions


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